The Vanille Verte app will help you create simple and deliciously healthy meals so you can feel your very best! 


Designed for people who want to cook healthy, clean, food the easy way, the Vanille Verte app is a unique cooking tool that puts gluten-free, whole food and whole grain recipes, professional instructional videos, and nutrition information right in the palm of your hand.
Using Vanille Verte is like having a natural foods chef by your side as you learn to cook healthy and tasty food! Highly selective about its ingredients, Vanille Verte inspires you to create wholesome and delicious meals.

Nourishing food should be flavorful and easy!


The Vanille Verte app is an inspiring source of healthy, gluten-free, recipes made from whole foods and natural ingredients, in their least processed form

Never before published content! Some of the recipes are taken straight from the Vanille Verte blog, but over 100+ recipes in the app have never been published before. That means a lot more of the Vanille Verte food philosophy will be available at your fingertips than if you were just browsing the blog!                                                                                                                                 

Intuitive design!

The Vanille Verte app has been designed for ease of use and comfortable functionality. Swipe between recipes, tap on ingredients for nutrition information, and scroll through the application easily and intuitively. It’s all there, right at your fingertips. 


Features include

  • ‏A beautiful interface that runs on the iPad and iPhone, as well as Android tablet and phone
  • ‏ 180+ recipes (in the full version) to get you back in the kitchen cooking delicious and health-supportive meals
  • ‏Step-by-step instructions with the support of over a dozen video tutorials (learn the basics (dice an onion; chop parsley; de-stem kale; zest citrus; melt chocolate; etc.) AND watch FULL recipes being created (nut milk; crème fraîche; cauliflower “couscous”; ghee; cashew whipped cream; kimchi; beet or zucchini “spaghetti”; etc.)
  • Information on, and a photo of, every single ingredient for easy reference
  • ‏All the recipes are gluten-free, and either sugar-free or refined sugar-free
  • ‏Many recipes are vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free
  • ‏A few omnivore recipes are included, with nutrition information about healthier animal products, such as grassfed beef and pasture-raised eggs
  • ‏Ability to search by: dish; category (appetizer; breakfast; main; etc.); type (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, etc.); time needed to create a recipe (fast; medium; long); season; and keyword
  • ‏Save your favorites so you can get back to them easily
  • ‏All the recipes are clearly categorized as: gluten-free; dairy-free; egg-free; nut-free; soy-free; sugar-free; refined sugar-free; grain-free; vegan; vegetarian; omnivore; raw; kid-friendly; or fermented