Travel: Southern Corsica, June 2015


There are some traditions that I feel strongly about. One of those is our annual visit to Corsica to spend time with my parents. We have been going to Corsica for over 30 years now, and when we land in Figari airport, dizzy with fatigue from the (very) long haul from California, it feels like we have come home.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the island is absolutely stunning, and that there are ever more areas to discover, but it is also, and mostly, about love and family, and giving our son solid memories of spending a couple of weeks with his grandparents every summer. As they age, and time feels more scarce, this tradition has become even more important to us. 

Besides, what kid wouldn’t want to experience an island so rich with activities? Besides the usual, and not so usual, beach fun (like flyboarding), there are also fascinating areas to explore (such as Bonifacio, a village carved in a cliff), and Cavallo (the southernmost tip of the island, and home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world).

This time, we also explored the interior of the island a little more, and went hiking in the mountains. There are incredible hikes to go on, in which you sometimes come across some very cute “wildlife”…

Enjoy this short retrospective, and if you’d like to see more photos of Corsica, see this previous post

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Corsica 5



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Corsica 6


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Hope your summer is going beautifully. See you next week with a brand new recipe!

Love and health!


8 Responses to Travel: Southern Corsica, June 2015

  1. Jeez you take such beautiful shots! Each one makes me feel bad about being home lol

  2. Marie de Comarmond says:

    Merci Nathalie pour ce beau voyage! Merveilleuses photos de cette île dont je sens encore les odeurs de maquis. Petite j’y allais souvent avec mes grands parents, Bonifacio, Porto Vechio…
    Nous vous embrassons affectueusement tous les trois et je te charge aussi de bien embrasser tes parents.

    • Merci beaucoup, Marie! La Corse devait être bien plus sauvage du temps de ton enfance, mais, même aujourd’hui avec tous les touristes, elle reste une île magnifique. Merci de ta visite, et je vous embrasse tous bien bien fort! xoxo

  3. Dorota says:

    Georgeous pictures! I’m envious about having family in Corsica. What a beautiful place to visit every year!

  4. George says:

    This annual trip would not be the same without you and your family! Thank you for the amazing memories we make every year and for the love, laughter and joy we share. Your amazing pictures just brought me back.

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